The Great South Bay, Patchogue, New York, USA by Samantha Kennedy

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Picture Story

Things are different in the world right now. There are many people working from home with reduced workforce in the office or others who have no work at all. Then we have the essential employees – grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies etc. Nobody has it harder than the people in the front line of this pandemic. The Nurses, Doctors, EMT’s and law enforcement to name a few.

With everyone practicing social distancing during this pandemic of Covid19, my photography friends are no longer out shooting together. Instead, we are all out on our own looking for places to photograph without others around. Now, don’t get me wrong, I miss going out shooting with my core group but honestly I believe that I am finally finding what my purpose is in photography.

Out alone, exploring new places has given me time on my own to see things without others saying look at that or come shoot this. Personally, I am really enjoying this time out alone taking the time to see things without distractions from others. I believe I am being more immersed in my surroundings than ever before.

On the night I captured “Light within Darkness”, I did just that. I went out to a place I have never been before along The Great South Bay of Long Island. There were a few people when I got there but once it started getting closer to sunset they left.

I was ok with being able to photograph the calm bay later then I planned. I was able to walk around and try out a few different perspectives along the sandy shore line without worrying about others being in what I was trying to capture. The sun was already set with the afterglow lighting up the bay so I knew a long exposure was what I was after.

I set up my Vanguard Alta Pro tripod low in the sand to get the perspective I was after lining up the old wooden bulkhead where I wanted it in my final image. I set up my Nikon Z7 with the Nikon Z 24-70 f4 lens. Since the sun was already down I didn’t need to use any ND filters so my final camera settings were ISO 31, f/16 and a shutter speed of 5 seconds.

I didn’t see it at the time but looking back after a couple of days I felt that this image for me really portrayed finding the light within darkness.

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