The Arboretum, Trochu, Alberta, Canada by Elena Hlebnicova

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Picture Story

As it happens quite often, one never knows what they will find once they step out of the house. Natural world if full of mysteries and secrets. This was one of these unexpected finds.

It was during the Summer, couple of years ago. I was taking a trip to the southern Alberta. On my way, there was the town of Trochu. And it was in this small town, that I came across this wonderful garden called the ‘The Arboretum At Trochu’. Curious, I went in. As I was enjoying my walk, always on a lookout for the unique and interesting photo objects, slightly off the main path behind the massive moss-covered rocks, I noticed something I never seen before.

It was almost like a little forest, a small community of strange looking ‘palm-like trees’ hidden from the eyes of many. I did not know what they were, or how long it took them to grow, exactly. Or if their tiny size was their maximum. Until that very moment I have never seen, heard, or read anything about them. But this little community really captured my full attention and imagination. I was absolutely sure that this tiny forest grew on its own, away from the eyes of countless visitors. How long has it been there? Till this very day I sometimes wonder if anyone else have ever noticed it at all…if it is still there and if the forest got any bigger.

Natural world always fascinated me as a kid, and it still does so today. No place stays the same, and there is always, always something new and interesting waiting for us if we dare to go exploring. It is truly fascinating what we can find out there.

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