Tapoban, Assam, India by Himadri Bhuyan

Picture Story

It was my second visit to this location called Tapoban, close to my city Guwahati. The previous visit was during monsoon and we couldn't reach these trees as they were half-submerged in the swelling waters of the mighty river the Brahmaputra. By this time, the river had receded almost a hundred meters away from the last trees, leaving behind fresh alluvium that had dried up and had become lose like the sands of a beach. A gust of wind and the finest particles of alluvium would fly and settle all over the camera.

Another concern for me was that it is a favourite spot for the city dwellers to relax and have fun, yet I didn't expect too many people at that time of the year. It was quite populated to my surprise. The aim was to get an image without people that would depict the mood of the season and the fact that the foliage of the trees has started to thin out. But wherever I pointed the camera, there were at least a couple of people standing in my scene.

Then like a eureka moment, it occurred to me that I might as well take multiple exposures, as my camera had that feature, and that will help cut down or completely remove the presence of humans in my scene. I took 3 exposures in each shot and took 5 or maybe 6 images in total where I shifted my position but kept the tree at the centre aligned with the centre of my viewfinder. Happy with the in-camera output, I came back home only to see faint human figures close to the horizon. That is when I decided to go for a 3:1 panorama crop of the original frame. I feel the image is able to depict my state of mind during the time of the shoot and also the colours of the autumn season in a tropical country like India.

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