Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan, USA by Paul Flatt

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Tahquamenon Falls tucked in the northeast corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is truly an out of the way gem. Upstream from the falls the river flows through an extensive swamp with numerous cedar, spruce and hemlock trees. Tannins leaching into the river from the trees turns the water various shades of brown and gold. The cliff face that forms the falls is about 60 meters wide and the falls 14 meters tall. In the fall, the mix of evergreen trees with maple, birch, beach, poplar and ash trees make for a spectacularly colorful scene. Fall is normally a time when the falls have reduced water flow. On this day, recent rains had increased the flow over the falls significantly turning a dreary day quite nice with the increased water flow.

Tahquamenon Falls is located in Tahquamenon Falls State Park. While the falls are located far away from populated centers, it is easily accessible via paved roads and a short hiking trail. The final part of the trail goes down a staircase with 94 steps. The falls are a spectacular sight and accessible any time of year. Spring sees the greatest water flow over the falls with as much as 190,000 liters of water per second washing over the falls. Summers are mild and the flow over the falls gradually diminishes as the season turns to fall. In fall the trees add to the color mix. Winters can be harsh and exceedingly cold making for ice formations that add another dimension to the ever changing color and shape of the falls.

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