Stream Channels, Iceland by Chip Carroon

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Picture Story

In my mind, drainage channels offer some of the best curves in the landscape. In this image, almost all of the visible area is filled with curves. Where there is a lot of water, there will be a lot of curves. This image was taken in Iceland, and that region certainly offers a lot of water for the landscape. Then the question is: “Where are the best views?” It is hard to choose. There are an infinite number of possibilities. You may want to choose a stream or river delta which is a low gradient terrain that will force the river or stream flow to migrate back and forth. This will create many curves in the river course and such locations tend to have a dense network of channels that resemble horsetails.

Another question is: “How do you see the curves?” If the water is completely transparent, it is difficult to see the flow. There are several possibilities. First, in general, you could choose a river flow that has some sort of sediment in the water. Spectacular river flows in a desert area during a storm may be seen due to the fact that the ground may be easily eroded, and the mud and sand will be visible in the rapid flow. Locations in mountains at high latitudes may have suspended sediment from glacial scour nearby. Furthermore, you may be able to see the water flow at low light by imaging the reflection off the water of the bright sky near the horizon.

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