Steiblis, Oberstaufen, Germany by Mike Page

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Picture Story

Towards the end of last week I could feel the familiar pangs of winter depression beginning to set in and knew that I had to get out of the house and get some fresh air, exercise and sunshine. Preferably with a camera in my hand. So on a frosty morning we jumped in the car, ignored all the scrumptious looking mist lurking locally and headed down to the mountains to re-shoot a waterfall that I’d visited in far-too-bright light back in September. This little farm lies half-way between the car park and the falls. Although it was boarded up for the winter, the curve of the track, the frosty ground and top of the Hündlekopf in the background made this an irresistible shot. When I’m paying attention and not just shooting from the hip as I usually do, I try to shoot to convey the impression rather than just document the scene. This conveys the feeling of the day for me - a frosty November Saturday looking forward to the winter and all that it brings.

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