Steiblis, Oberstaufen, Germany by Mike Page

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Picture Story

Walking back along the other side of the Mittelbach towards the Weißach river we were given occasional glimpses of a ridge a little ways above us that had managed to stay mostly in the shade of the main ridge. One tree in particular caught our interest, a well-shaped deciduous tree on a bare ridge surrounded by firs. My longest lens was the one I had on my camera - my trusty 12-100 mm, but my wife, bless her, had brought the 100-300 mm Lumix that I'd given her when I upgraded. Once she'd finished with it, I begged a borrow to give me the extra reach I needed to get the tree. If I’m being honest, I didn’t spot the farm building until post, and it wasn’t quite that red to start with either, but hey, it’s art!

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