Steetly Beach, Hartlepool, Co Durham, England by Martyn Dunbar

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Picture Story

We arrived at Steetly in Hartlepool about 1 hour before sunset with the intention of shooting the old abandoned pier which stretch's out into the sea. Myself and my shooting partner Ivor Miller got ourselves set up are ready for the sun to set and hopefully the sky to light up.

Unfortunately the clouds cleared very fast and the image was lost, glancing to the right of the pier I spotted some lovely old timbers with the waves breaking around them so I quickly moved position and I set the shot up.

On this type of image I normally like to get 1 seconds backwash but I changed my mind and decided to get the waves rushing in. I fitted a 3 stop medium grad and positioned it to balance the sky and land/sea out, next I fitted a 3 stop ND filter to give me the exposure time I needed.

The last of the evening sun was hitting the stumps lighting them up beautifully and there was a lovely pastel pink/orange strip running though the almost cloudless sky.

I dialled in f/11 which on this lens gives the best results I have found, Iso of 80 and the 1 second exposure I wanted to show the movement in the water. I waited for the right moment with a huge wave rushing in and pressed the remote shutter release. I returned home and uploaded the image onto my computer, and slightly edited the highlights and shadows in Lightroom.

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