Sparta, WI, USA by Jackie Hubbard

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Picture Story

I woke up one Saturday morning and stepped outside. What a beautiful day it was! The weather was perfect for light layering in the gentle breeze. I started my day by doing “Saturday” things, and once afternoon hit I decided to hop in my Toyota Tacoma. I needed to get out of the house and the road seemed to be calling. Driving aimlessly this stunning Autumn day colors bright and daylight fading, I happened upon a dirt road in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin’s training areas.

As the military guns hummed in the far distance, my adventurous spirit whispered in my ear to turn onto the unpaved path and see where the dirt would take me. After driving over bumps and branches for a bit, I found myself stopping somewhere in the Wisconsin wild. The colors of Fall were alive and radiant. I got out and walked a little while, the wildlife racing away once hearing my boots stomp the earth beneath me. Leaves rustled in the soft breeze. October light seeped through the branches inspiring orange hues to illuminate. And there I set up my camera, making sure settings were perfect to capture all the beauty I was seeing with my naked eye. I clicked and reviewed the photos and repositioned, capturing different angles and viewpoints and leaves and light. I snapped a lot of photos that day until the sun began to set on the horizon, but this photograph ended up being one of my favorites. I call it Autumn Light.

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