South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey, Wales by Mike Marshall

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Picture Story

I love wild weather, there seems to be an energy about it which is highly addictive! The approach of storm Ciara was the trigger for a shot of South Stack lighthouse. I had consulted all the relevant tables and forecasts in order to gain the proposed pic. Largest swell forecast 10:30 (5metres) High tide around the same time. The swell around Wales always seems to massively increase in height at high tide. Perfect! Weather conditions not good with wind gusts to 60mph plus and rain during the day.

The drive to the top of Ynys Mon (Anglesey) is an hour on a good day, however there was significant flooding en route this particular day, but this was allowed for in the journey. Arriving onto Holy Island I was met with torrential rain, so much I had to park up as it was impossible to drive in the shower. I arrived at the South Stack car park and suited up for the shoot. I also got the camera together in the car with rain jacket also in place.

A brief lull in the rain and it was a go for the walk to the cliff path, around 300 yds from the car park.

At the cliff edge the wind was screaming up the face and it was ridiculously impossible to get any shot, as it blew me over 4 times as I made my way to a small knoll which would offer some shelter. I managed to get the shots from that location, but the buffeting on the camera was crazy.

With the lens on 70mm at F7.1 it was needing 2000 iso to get shots at 1/800th. Difficult dreary light, but Ohh so challenging.

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