Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA by Helene Chouinard

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Picture Story

At sunset, in the heart of Sonoran desert, I took a series of pictures, changing my position, angles of view, height of my tripod, until I found an arrangement of the elements that brings to me satisfaction. The lower the light of sun, the longer I had to extend the length of the shot. I used LEE filters including a gradient filter 0,9 SOFT. I took this photo during a visit of Saguaro National Park last fall. Saguaro NP's mission is to preserve Saguaro cactus as you can see some specimens on the picture. I was trying to imagine what this landscape might look like at the time of Kit Carson and Billy The Kid. This National Park is near the city of Tucson in southern Arizona. If I am so fascinated by deserts and other arid regions it's not only because I like western movies but also because I Iive in a completely different region where there are a lot of lakes and rivers as well as four distinct seasons.

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