Sohra, Meghalaya, India by Himadri Bhuyan

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Picture Story

The NE Indian state of Meghalaya is geologically formed of volcanic rocks, sandstone, and limestone largely. The state gets its name from the presence of clouds, where Meghalaya means "Abode of Clouds". And naturally, where there is cloud there will eventually be rain. It is also home to the wettest place on earth - Cherrapunjee or locally known as Sohra. The water cuts and dissolves the geologic formations to give shape to numerous rapids and waterfalls.

This image is of the second tier of a three-tiered waterfall called Wei Saw Dong, situated close to the town of Sohra and is a delight to visit when the water level is low. When the flow is high, it is impossible to reach this tier. When the flow is low, you have to be careful of the slippery rocks and the straight-up (90°) rock surface which you have to climb to reach this section. If you are lucky you will get away without bruises. And the trickiest part is while coming down as you won't see where you are putting your foot. That is where you will need an expert guide or a friend who knows at least the basics of climbing. I don't know climbing, but I did have a guide on this trip who took the safety precautions and helped me get this shot which not many people will be able to capture.

The image was created during the retreating monsoon month of August and the best time to shoot this falls is the pre-monsoon or the post-monsoon period.

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