Sohra, Meghalaya, India by Arindam Ghosh

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Picture Story

Our mother Nature is enriched with beauty. When anybody surrender his / her soul to mother nature, she spreads her utter beauty to the viewer with lot of miracles. It's like a meditation. Until then nature seems very simple... Not only a vast area of our nature is beautiful but every inch is so beautiful, miracle happens in every square of an area. But you need to connect your soul to it. There is a harmony, there is a rhythm in every square inch in the nature. Nature comes with her entire beauty.

The day was very dull and it was monsoon when I visited Sohra, Cherrapunji which is situated in Meghalaya in India. The Meghalaya word means Adobe of Cloud and almost the whole year it rains. It is always good to visit Meghalaya in monsoon to feel the nature at its highest level. You will find lush green, dark mosh everywhere. The entire Meghalaya is the land of waterfalls. Big, mediam, small, cascades are every where. This picture was taken at a natural park called Garden of Caves. It was entirely cloudy and I was waiting on a slippery Rock for a slice of sun ray from the morning. I was watching the rhythm of the water, rhythm of the sound getting created, and was witnessing the eternal work of the nature. My soul was emerging with the beautiful environment.... I was praying for Sunray. Around 11 am suddenly nature listened to my pray and for a fraction of second sun came out... I took this frame at that very moment. I had been able to take this only frame!

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