Snow Laden Branches, Lapland, Finland by Peter Bergen Henegouwen

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Picture Story

Snowmobiling in Lapland is something quite extraordinary. Going through wilderness, while almost everywhere you still have 4G network coverage. You can never feel totally lost. However, it is always wise to prepare for everything as the weather in these parts of the world can change rapidly. Not so on this trip. Fine weather. However, this picture was taken at 1pm and with the full cloud coverage it already was getting darker (The next sunrise was due in another 5 days). I needed an ISO of 3200 to be able to make this image by hand. Tripod? Yes, I had it at hand. But I was so bewildered by this beautiful spot I couldn't stop making pictures and therefore I took the extra noise into the bargain.

Fortunately my wife was very patient while she stayed on the snowmobile. Of course she was also under the influence of this awesome sight. No sounds, but the sighs of ourselves. Of course there was a track that somebody had used before us, but it was already that much snow covered that we assumed nobody had been here for days. What a luxury vacation! We went back to the snowmobile rental place just in time before total darkness. And even that time was amazing. Going through the woods in darkness with the headlights of the snowmobiles reflecting from millions of ice crystals. Of course we wished we could have stayed longer, but as always the office job in the Netherlands awaited us in just a couple of days later.

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