Slowinski National Park, Poland by Slawomir Kotara

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I took this picture in Slowinski National Park located on the Baltic Sea coast, Poland. Waves and wind carry sand from the Baltic Sea inland, forming moving dunes as a result. The dunes move at a speed of 3 to 10 metres per year. The "curves" seen on the picture was made be ripple marks, that is, structures on sandy surface formed by blowing wind. It is typical view in Slowinski National Park.

On a day I was taken this picture, the weather was windy and sunny, with quaint Cirrus clouds moving in the sky. Additionally, a characteristic structure of ripple marks was highlighted by lighting of a sunset. I was stunnied by composition of ripple marks and clouds, so I decised to take a picture like this. I had little time since the setting sun was hiding behind the dunes.

I recommend any seasons for visit the Slowinski National Park in order to photograph the moving dunes. Ripple marks are formed throughout the year, even in winter since blowing wind prevents snow from accumulating in the surface of dunes. Due to the proximity of the sea, this place is perfect to combine a summer holiday with a photography tour.

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