Skogafoss, Skogar, Iceland by Simone Opdam

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Picture Story

Iceland, end of April 2015. The island was crowded with photographers and tourists, which was a great disappointment to me. I was there 30 years earlier, when very few people went there and you had the 'hotspots' pretty much for yourself. The Blue Lagoon only had a small building to change clothes. Nowadays a big resourt is on top of it, where you pay premium prices for bathing in the lovely milky-blue water.

Skógafoss is one of the popular spots in the South of Iceland, right beside the famous ringroad. It obviously is a stunning place. The Skógafoss waterfall in the river Skóga tumbles down from a rock formation as a 60 meter high and 25 meter wide water wall. It completely overwhelms you when you get near to it. On the east side of the waterfall, a path goes upstream along the river. This trail is also the beginning of a hiking route towards the Fimmvörðuháls mountain pass and the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers.

We already paid a visit to the waterfall a few days earlier. The place was crowded then. But this particular day, earlier in the morning, there was an opportunity to capture this stunning waterfall without people around it. An opportunity I gladly took. It was freezing cold, although the picture does not show. The wet spots on the rocks behind and beside the waterfall were frozen in places and the sky was bright. As the light was quite harsh, it took a while to find the right exposure. But after a few attempts I succeeded in having a nice milky-like texture in the waterfall, without overexposing the sky and the suroundings. I took made some wideangle shots as well, but I liked this more zoomed in version better. I hope you all enjoy my picture.

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