Skeikampen, Norway by Mike Page

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Picture Story

The week before the world went to pot we’d managed to get away to visit friends in Norway. They have a ski cabin up in the hills above Lillehammer and we spent the week cross-country skiing in wicked temperatures and winds. The maximum temperature we had all week was -9.5 °C one lunchtime, and we won’t talk about the windchill. We got some great images, ranging from open vistas on the Fjells, sparse tree-covered slopes, foggy forests and even a trace of the northern lights. I’d say it was the first time that we saw them, but we didn’t, at least not with the naked eye. It was only when I looked at the photos later on the laptop that I noticed a faint green band on the horizon.

I’d had this type of composition in mind even before we went, it was just a question of keeping my eyes open for snow-folds above buried streams. This was the best one that I captured. The touch of turquoise in the centre just made it for me.

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