Skaralid, Soderasen National Park, Sweden by Stefan Nilsson

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Picture Story

We were around 20 members of PhotoNatura gathered for our annual meeting in January 2017. As usual in recent years, the meeting was held in Skäralid's nature center, which is part of Söderåsen National Park in southern Sweden. A zigzag-shaped valley runs through the park with a small stream at the bottom surrounded by hilly forest terrain. This is a well-visited area especially in early May when the leafing of the beeches is and also in September, October with beautiful autumn colors. In winter it can be snow and ice. In short, it is interesting all year round if you are a photographer.

After a meeting, discussions, election of new members and a good dinner, I wanted to go up to the lookout point Kopparhatten located 90 meters above the valley floor. The sunset is about 4:30 PM and when I arrived it had started to get dark. A few degrees with light drizzle and the fog that swept in meant that nothing of the beautiful view was visible. A photogenic birch stands right at the cliff edge and is often depicted in the foreground with the zigzag-shaped valley in the background, but this was completely gone.

The plans had to be changed and I concentrated on the birch which now had a white wall of fog behind it. I set up the tripod, changed to black and white and green filter effect in the camera and took some pictures that turned out well.
But I felt that it became too obvious and wanted something extra in the picture. With my camera you can not do double exposure but it is possible to get similar result at long shutter speeds if you after about half the exposure time (30 sec) hold your hand in front of the front lens, at the same time turn the focus to the near limit and then take away the hand continuating the exposure.

It gave a ghost-like effect that I thought enhanced the image. Wet but satisfied I went home.

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