Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten Islands, Norway by Marnix Van Marcke

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Picture Story

The picture was taken during wintertime on one of the Lofoten Islands on the beach of Skagsanden. It was around 10:30 but in early februari at this latitude the sun never rises high in the sky. This season, together with autumn is my preferred season as we have golden light almost all day long.

On the Skagsanden beach, which is also a popular location for arctic surfers, we find a number of upwelling spring waters which draw interesting black lines and carve small rivers. It was freezing cold that day and I noticed interesting ice crystals along the flowing water. It made a perfect foreground for the picture which I visualised with the mountain in the background and photographed using my trusted Nikkor 14mm-24mm f/2.8 set at 16mm. The scene was illuminated by a beautiful warm light.

I choose to put emphasis on my subject (the foreground) and to make use of the beautiful line made by the river starting at the base and leading to the sea on the left. The mountain was placed on the right in the background which made for a balanced composition as it formed a good balance with the river in the foreground. When photographing with extreme wide angle lenses I will always try to find an interesting foreground which will make my subject.

By using wide angle lenses we can achieve very high depth of field. By focussing on the hyperfocal distance we can get sharpness from front to infinity even as in this picture using an aperture of F/8. With these type of lenses no need to use focus stacking in order to get this kind of depth of field.

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