Simmental, Bern Canton, Switzerland by Avishek Patra

Picture Story

The story about this picture is a story of passion. My passion. For travel, for photography. When I told my friends that I had to wake up at 5 am, drive for 2 hours and hiked up a steep 8-km long trail through sludge and mud to get this image, they said I was crazy. All this for a few images!

Well, what I did to get this image is not uncommon - neither for me, nor for my peers in the photography world. What amplifies the craziness is that often we do hike up such steep terrains with our packed camera gears and in ungodly hours to reach the destination for the opportune moment. And although all this does seem crazy on the onset, it is nothing but the driving force of passion that pushes me - pushes us - to get to amazing locations, enjoy the view and save those memories.

So here's to passion, here is my version of the Swiss Autumn - when the dew drops are getting icy and the trees display an unbelievable color palate.

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