Sending Gila, Lombok, Indonesia by Dion van den Boom

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Picture Story

When hiking to the Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep waterfalls in the north of Lombok Indonesia, crossing old dilapidated bridges and constructions in the Jungle, I really felt like I was walking through the game of Tomb Raider. There were two waterfalls I visited during the hike, but because it was after the rain season, the amount of water coming down wasn’t that immense.

The Tiu Kelep waterfall was occupied by some Insta-activities so I wasn’t really able to find a good spot without the posing biceps being in the frame. Therefor the decision was made to head back to the first one, which was the Sendang Gila waterfall. My first attention was off course, to focus on the waterfall itself. Shooting with a wide angle prime lens meant I had to get close to the waterfall itself. But the wind, created by the waterfall, was covering the lens with a fair amount of drizzle. The time between having the lens cleaned and pressing the shutter, was enough to have the front element completely covered with droplets. I soon realized that this wasn’t going to work.

When taking more distance and looking for other points of interest, I came across this beautiful tree with immense roots. At the base of the three, the root was at least a meter high and the curve made it possible to include the waterfall in the background. In post-processing I applied a subtle Orton-effect to make the tree stand out more and emphasize the haze, caused by the waterfall, a bit.

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