Schmalensee, Germany by Radu Baranga

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Picture Story

This image was taken on a cold misty late autumn morning last year at a lake in the bavarian mountains close to Austria. I woke up early and took on the 2 hour drive since the forecase was looking promising. But, as it often happens, some low clouds blocked the pre-sunrise glow in the clouds. After getting past the initial dissapointment I continued looking aroung for a composition, more as scouting for another trip. As the sun rose past the bank of low clouds it hit the mountains in the background and lit up the whole scene. The mist started rising out of the lake and at that moment I was really happy to have had already chosen my composition.

Since I had to lean over and reach across the reeds to prevent the reflection of the mountains from being cut off I hand-held the image. I chose the composition with the reeds in the foreground to add depth and frame the image and with the tree in the midground as point of interest. I focused on the tree because I knew the mountains would be soft because of the atmosphere. Also since I had to hand-hold, I made sure I chose a fast enought shutter and balanced the exposure using the aperture. In the post processing (done using Adobe Lightroom) I went for a more desaturated, painterly look with pastel colours because I feel it matched the mood of the morning a lot better. I especially like all the different layers in the image and I think it tells the story of that morning quite well. Hope you like it and also enjoyed the story behind it.

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