Saskatchewan Snowstorm, Canada by Scott Aspinall

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Picture Story

After a snowstorm late in the fall ripped through this Saskatchewan nature area situated 4 hours away from my house, I had a hunch that conditions would be fantastic. As I watched the radar the evening before, I made plans with a friend to meet up at this spot, hoping for the best. This area is home to some unique geology. Full of rolling hills, valleys, small creeks, and pine and aspen forest. Even though I didn't expect the water to be open, I thought there would be lots of great opportunities for photos regardless.

As soon as I arrived the next day, I knew our commitment had paid off. Over 6 inches of fresh snow clung to the landscape. The creeks were also still open and ice was forming along the shoreline. And finally, as an added bonus, even though the blizzard the night before had knocked most of the fall foliage off the trees, there were still a few scattered aspen trees clinging to their leaves. I was a few minutes early, so I started photographing a scene I photographed the year before. When my friend finally arrived, we determined we would hike the "Top of the World" trail to see what kind of woodland would be at the top of the valley. When we found it was home to some beautiful forest, we explored the winter wonderland for a while, each hunting for our own compositions. When I spotted this aspen in full fall colour covered in a dusting of snow, I set up this photo.

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