Sandy Beach, Oregon, USA by Claude Dalley

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Picture Story

It's mid November. The wife and I decided to drive the beautiful Oregon Cost highway 101 on our way to Desert Hot Springs to spend the winter months. On this sunny afternoon we pulled into a road side rest area to have lunch. What a wonderful view of the miles of sandy beach lay below me.

As I looked around for a good composition I spotted this dead tree barely hanging on the the bank. As I looked closer I could see a couple of people setting in lawn chairs down below. Seeing these tiny images way below the dead tree put things in perspective. It appeared to me that a small creek, at the bottom of the bank was washing new sand out onto the beach. However, the people on the beach seemed to be just relaxing and enjoying the beauty of all things that surrounded them.

I felt I had found to composition I was looking for. Time to set up the tripod, attach my Cannon 6D Mark - my Canon 24-105mm f/4L lens. I moved around a few feet left and right until I got the old tree, the people, and the long shoreline included in the frame. With my wire release attached I took the shot.

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