San Dalmazzo, Torino, Italy by Andrea Mucelli

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Picture Story

I took this photo in the countryside outside my city, Turin, in Piedmont. I noticed that with this perspective when I was driving. I imagined how nice it would be with the snow and fog, so I waited for the right day and came back when it was the right conditions. I knew that to get the fog and the right light on both the mountains and the church, I would have to arrive early in the morning.

With the car I took a narrow country road, parked on the grass at the side of the road, got out and took a few shots. I had little time before the sun rose too high and the fog disappeared. Unfortunately, due to climate change, snowfall is becoming increasingly rare. I shot in aperture priority and set a positive exposure compensation.

The pointed mountain in the background is the Monviso, easily recognizable by its pyramid-like shape and, because it is higher than all its neighbouring peaks by about 500 m, it can be seen from great distance. It is the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps and it is located close to the French border. In Italy is also known as Il Re di Pietra (The Stone King) because of his prominence within western Italian Alps landscape. From 29 May 2013, it has become UNESCO's heritage as a cross-border biosphere reserve.

"At the foot of the mountains”, this is the meaning of Piedmont, a Region in the North of Italy surrounded on three sides by imposing rocky chains. The region is rich in protected natural areas with unique landscapes, from the Alps to the flat land where rice is grown, from the great lakes to the wine-growing landscapes.

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