Samokov, Maliovica, Bulgaria by Victor Demidov

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Muratovo Lake is a suitable destination for short excursions near Vihren hut. Located in Pirin, in the northwestern part of the Banderishki Circus, at 2230 meters above sea level. In less than an hour walk from the parking lot in front of the hut you reach a picturesque place where you can enjoy fresh air and beautiful views of the southwestern slopes of Todorin peak (2746 m above sea level) and Vasilashki Chukar (2615 m above sea level). in.). To the west is the 2669 meter high Muratov peak, named after the lake. The panoramas at sunset are especially beautiful, when the peaks are reflected in the lake. This is one of the reasons why the place is popular among photographers.

Muratovo Lake (also called Juniper or Ovinato Lake) is located below Muratov Peak on a very well-defined terrace. Above it in a southerly direction there are three more tiny lakes. It is located at an altitude of 2230 meters and has an area of ​​12.3 acres. It is only 3.2 m deep, which makes a water volume of 22,700 cubic meters. A considerable stream flows into the lake, which descends along the gutter between Muratov and Hroinati peak and forms a beautiful estuary, as well as two interesting peninsulas. Against him rises mightily the strength of Mount Todorka.

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