Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada by Barbara Levy

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Picture Story

I am very fortunate to live on an island in the Pacific northwest which, although relatively small, offers incredible opportunities for landscape photography (both for wide and close up shots) in its magnificent provincial parks and nature reserves with their diverse topography, micro-climates and habitats, all teeming with a wide variety of unique flora. There is so much to explore all over the island throughout the year, like the luxuriant rainforest of moss-covered rocks, ferns, salal and oceanspray beneath a canopy of majestic evergreens and deciduous trees right outside my door.

One of my favourite times of year to go out shooting on Salt Spring is in mid-Fall when the colours are so vibrant and the light isn’t so intense. And last October, instead of hiking up mountains or exploring trails further afield, I decided to spend more time on the common land near my home to experiment with my telephoto lens and capture more intimate shots of autumn’s splendid scenes.

And along one of the paths which leads you into the forest from the bottom of our dirt road, I found a lovely spot amidst a grove of Bigleaf maples where I could sit on a soft carpet of pine needles, moss and fallen leaves and really focus on creating painterly compositions with my long lens. It was a welcome change for me to be so near my subject rather than shooting from a great distance to compose ethereal, full-frame images. And the oceanspray, which had lost its sweet scent, but not its delicate beauty, really captivated me. With its cascading clusters of tiny dry flowers perfectly backlit, it was reminiscent of silver filigree dangling and glittering in that lazy, autumn afternoon.

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