Salla, Finland by Peter Bergen Henegouwen

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Picture Story

Quite often photo contests have an assignment with the number ‘1’. Somehow this number 1 also returns in landscape photography. How often do we see photos with a single tree? Somehow this reflects on the way I look around me during my travels with the camera. A single tree! But as a matter of fact, one is oftentimes the precursor to many more. I like the metaphor with a single tree withstanding all nature can throw at it. But I also like the metaphor that trees (like humans) cannot survive without others.

This photo was taken in Finish Lapland just north of the Arctic circle. The sun barely above the horizon for not more than an hour. So many photo opportunities all around with that beautiful sky. However, besides snow, there are always trees in view. They have a reason to call it Forest-Lapland. I love it, especially in winter (no mosquitos and wonderful fresh air). And the cold provides an ever changing landscape as within days trees can be covered by icy winds, or freshly fallen snow. Sometimes it even thaws! Of course I alway go to Lapland with the aurora borealis in mind. My short holidays prevent me to have good opportunities as the weather is not always cooperative. Overcast nights or no auroral activity. It means I have to return every year again. How awful !

This assignment is on forests, but I chose a photo of a single tree. It clearly has a whole forest in support.

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