Rosenstein, Heubach, Germany by Max Schiefele

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Picture Story

It's really just a question of whether you get up early in the morning or not. The golden hour is only a limited period in which to take photos. This morning the alarm clock rang very early and my dog Jack was waiting for me in anticipation. My motive is a meadow on the top of our local mountain "Rosenstein". I am often here with my dog and there are ancient trees around this meadow. It was formerly used as a cow pasture and the trees provided shade for the cows.

I trot sleepily through the forest before dawn and let myself be surprised. I have all the equipment with me and, as always, far too much. Most of the time I already know nice places and I know which side the light comes in from. Then I just have to wait. And wait. But it was cold that day. To get to the location, you have to climb 200 meters of ascent. I was sweating and now I am cold. Jack is lying on the grass next to me and is closely watching what I do, he knows the procedure.

In those moments self-doubt comes over me and I long for my bed. I imagine the smell of warm coffee. The waiting makes me more cold and I consider whether I should photograph anorexic models with studio lights and normal times in the future. While I am immersed in these thoughts, the light comes and the natural spectacle begins. The sun rises and makes the fog shine. It is a truly magical moment.

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