Rockport, Maine, USA by Tom Kostes

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Picture Story

This image was captured on one of my favorite forest trails in Maine, USA. I have traveled it many times. It weaves it way along a bay and throughout the different seasons of the year I have gotten many sweet images of land and sea, and those, human and animal that live in and upon said land and sea. Everyone knows the old adage of “Not seeing the forest for the trees.” I think we all fall into this phenomenon from time to time; I know I can. However, this time I got lucky and looked down at just the right moment to “see” what was at my feet. Looking through my viewfinder, it was all there. The composition, the elements, the arrangement, colors, textures, and shapes. All I had to do is check my settings and press the shutter, and there is was, the life and death of the forest, captured in a single frame. Although I have no fear of and no prejudice against post precessing, sometimes, like with this image, very little had to be done.

For me, walking through a forest is one of the most enjoyable things in life. I love the smells, the sounds, the sights, and the critters. To capture the essence of a woodland, in one such simple, yet inclusive image is a great joy for me. Looking beyond the larger picture can often yield wonderful, unexpected results. I feel that this captures, in an intimate fashion, the very essence of the forest, so I humbly submit it to the forest “Assignment.”

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