Rock Glen Falls, Ontario, Canada by Dave Noordhoff

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Picture Story

Rock Glen falls is an isolated plunge type waterfall, the closest to my home in southwestern Ontario. Just north of Arkona, tiny Bear Creek flows over the gorge edge before it joins with the larger Hobbs Mackenzie Drain. The small stream almost dries up in later summer or early autumn.

There is an added bonus in the gorge ... it is full of fossils. The site is internationally known for fossils of the Devonian era, dating back 350 million years. I have found crinoids, brachiopods, corals and occasionally, trilobites exploring along the gorge under the falls. The best times to visit are either the fall, early spring or during a winter thaw when the water flow rate greatly increases.

Rock Glen Falls is about 11 m high and 4.5 m wide at the crest.

This image was taken near noon in mid October on a cloudy cool day. The light was excellent for photographing waterfalls and also for the autumn colours.

There are stairs and boardwalks allowing safe exploration of the site, and I used one to reach the base of the falls easily. With very few people about during the middle of the week, I could take my time. I used a tripod and remote release, working the scene at my leisure. Shooting in manual mode, I tried several shutter speed and aperture combinations to get the sense of motion in the falling water and enough depth of field to keep as much of the scene as possible in focus. This exposure turned out best.

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