Rock-a-Nore Beach, East Sussex, England by Milan Gonda

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Picture Story

Abstract art does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality. In abstract photography, the effect is achieved by use of shapes, colours and forms and achieving this effect can be supported by several photographic techniques. When photographing landscapes, I like using long focal lengths. The way we see the world around us is equivalent to a 50mm lens on a full frame sensor, so using long focal lengths helps us to break away from ‘reality’ more easily. The same goes for photographing small details of ordinary objects. It is this change of the usual perspective which allows us to bring attention to the abstract qualities of colours, lines, shapes, forms or textures more easily. Additionally, I also like using flat light and sharp focus throughout the whole image in order to achieve two dimensional look when photographing details. I think that both the flat light and lack of depth help to eliminate the context and underline the abstract qualities of the image.

The presented image shows a surface of a rock. The absence of depth, scale and context were crucial for bringing attention to the visual qualities of geological forms. Generally speaking, when it comes to abstract photography, the less obvious the photographed object is the more I tend to appreciate the image. This photograph however is quite special to me in the sense that it not only allows me to perceive the abstract qualities of the photographed forms but it also allows me to see an imaginary mountain landscape with dramatic ridges and deep valleys filled with fog and thus, i allows me to break away from reality in a more radical way.

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