River Dart, Dartmoor, England by Jackie Matear

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Picture Story

I took this image near Newbridge, which spans the River Dart in Dartmoor, in the south-west of England. The ‘new’ narrow granite bridge, originally designed for pack-horses, is thought to date from the fifteenth century and was built to replace an ‘old’ bridge that was destroyed some time previously.

Since the advent of ‘horseless carriages’, the bridge has struggled to manage the ever-increasing number and width of vehicles. The Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ bus famously became wedged on the narrow bridge in September 1967.

There was no direct light on the three semi-circular arches of the bridge on my visit, but there was some lovely side lighting on the trees on the far side of the bridge, on the opposite side of the river. I wandered around looking for a good viewpoint and eventually ended up back where I started. Setting up my tripod as low as it would go, I used a long lens to shoot through the middle arch of the bridge and isolate the light and colours that had caught my eye. I used a polariser to reduce the glare off the water and accentuate the colours in the leaves. The two stop reduction in light also allowed me to use a slower shutter speed, but still retain some texture in the water.

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