Ridge On Steens Mt, French Glen, Oregon, USA by Tom Kostes

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Picture Story

This image is from the top of Steens Mt., in eastern Oregon. You drive through a few small towns, then through high grasslands, with windmill farms, and eventually you arrive in high desert country. Eventually, you come to the largest town in the area, Burns. You still have about an hour drive to French Glen, which is truly a unique, little, one-horse-town. There is a hotel run by the state, a small general store where you can gas up the car, a small campground, and little else! Except beautiful wilderness and wild critters in abundance.

When I arrived I realized that there had been some recent prairie fires, which created a hazy atmosphere, which actually added an interesting dimension to the landscape images I was to capture.

Although the area is very remote, there were a few other folks staying at the campground I called home while there. I went to dinner one night at the small hotel and there were folks from several other states in residence. I was labeled, all in fun, the “outsider,” as I was not staying on the premises. The couple running the hotel, summer only, actually bid for the right to do so for the season. The same goes for the people running the campground I stayed at.

The trip was well worth the time, and effort made to get there, the scenery was magical and the wildlife, including wild horses were phenomenal. I was able to capture many superb images, this one being my very favorite, I love the way the distance just fades into infinity.

Best time of year to go would be early spring, or early autumn, much cooler temperature at those times of year. I should mention for the bird lovers that there is a bird sanctuary south of Burns, on the way to French Glen. Definitely worth checking out.

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