Redwood National Park, California, USA by Craig Bill

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Picture Story

The California coastline displays some of the most dynamic and moody seascape scenes - even dangerous. Especially the North California coast. Here, the slightest change in atmosphere can make for a bad outdoor experience if you get caught out in it with all of your equipment. So, that being cautioned, this can be a unique and rewarding challenge to set-up in.

"Shores of Neptune" was captured as a long 40 second exposure. The sun had already set and it was getting very dark and drizzle started to swirl. In fact, it was getting too dark even for long exposures. I took advantage of the already shadowy blue scene by adding a cool lens filter to preserve the misty blue feel of the surrounding seascape.

As it turned out, this was a low tide situation. So after skipping from rock to sharp rock, I finally found my composition. Swells of seawater overtook my feet a few times as my anxiety at maxed out. It took some time to get the best exposures because ocean water and rain drizzle sprayed the lens or movement due to water rushing under me. Also, I quickly changed from one camera setting to another to be as complimentary as possible to a highly dynamic scene. By the time I was headed up the embankment, I was exhausted - but as may landscape photographers might relate too: It felt like a job well done or attempted at least. Or maybe time well spent regardless of having a photographic mission. In later times, I was never able to catch this area at low tide again for which I am now more grateful for post-experience.

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