Red Wing, Minnesota, USA by Laura Schoenbauer

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Picture Story

Autumn in Minnesota is beautiful! Autumn colors are everywhere. It is hard to drive around without stopping to take a photo. It is also hard not to stop, because the colors are different every year. The vibrancy of the color is affected by many factors including the amount of rain that we have gotten throughout the year and the temperatures during the autumn season. So, just when you think that you have seen the color along a certain route, it changes to something very different causing you to want to stop again.

This photo was taken parked along the road outside of Red Wing, Minnesota. Red Wing is located along the Mississippi River. There are beautiful bluffs along the river in this area of the state. In the morning, it is not unusual to find fog covering the bluffs and the trees surrounding them. Once the sun comes out, the fog quickly burns off. The window in which to catch the fog and the early morning sunlight is small, but worth trying to capture. The fog gives the color as softness that can create a very different mood than direct sunlight alone would create. The defused color reminds me of a watercolor painting. There are many spots along the Mississippi River where the autumn color explodes. Since the river runs right through the metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul (the river actually separates the two cities) one does not have to travel far to get beautiful river shots. In the metro area, roads run along each side of the river, so everyone is able to enjoy the view.

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