Raxoi, Galicia, Spain by Ricardo Franco

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Picture Story

Another rainy day from the always unforeseeable Galician weather! Before starting this trip, I was far from imagining that both Asturias and Galicia would present themselves as such a challenge at this level, rivaling with the unpredictability of the Scottish or Icelandic climate.

But if there is one thing that is important in the organization of such a trip it's planning, so I already had some points on my map that would make more sense to visit and photograph on gray and rainy days, preferably with some foggy conditions!

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit a forest on a foggy day? It is undoubtedly a different and immersive experience, confering these places another mystique, enveloped in a mysterious and dazzling ambience that transports our senses to a kingdom of magic and makes us imagine what lies ahead the dense mantle of fog that we glimpse through trees and streams.

After spending the night next to this inhospitable place inside my motorhome, as soon as I felt the rain slowing down I grabbed my backpack and started a new exploration, this time quite more calm and relaxed than what had been usual in the previous days .

In fact, it was the most serene and carefree photographic session of the whole trip, without any long and hard walks, without the worry to run against the clock to capture the last moments of sunrise or sunset and, above all, for the possibility of being there for over two hours in deep connection with Nature and without any type of interference, thoughts or external noise that dispersed me from what, albeit seeming so easy, we often end up not doing: Living the small moments and truly being present here and now!

This applies ofcourse to other realities from our daily life and no matter what reason, pausing to live the moment and doing an introspection is something that we must not ignore and for which Nature is always a good counselor.

Stop, listen,feel and reflect about what really matters! I say this without any kind of moral superiority, we all fall for the same mistake at times.

Aesthetic and technical approach :

My goal with this image was to transport the viewer to a magical place and appeal to the imagination of what lies ahead the mysterious wooden path .

In order to reinforce this concept I tried using the technique of tones of black in order to achieve a natural and smooth transition that leads the eye of the viewer from the left corner where the shadows are stronger towards the light and myst in the central area .

This is reinforced by the wood path and the parallel visual lines formed by the landscape itself .

A short exposure was used in order to freeze the leaves movement and avoid any blured elements .

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