Raleigh Estate, Dartmouth, England by Chester Wallace

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Picture Story

The location is the ancient woods belonging to Raleigh Estate on the banks of the River Dart in Devon, England. These woods are a great favourite with dog walkers (the main purpose of my excursion) and hikers. They are currently managed by descendants of the famous Sir Walter Raleigh and he lived nearby for a brief period in his life. Even on sunny days the woods are barely penetrated by the sun so remain perpetually damp giving the rich variety of plant and tree growth. The large ferns, in particular, are impressive.

I took this picture while the dog was exploring a stream just out of shot. it was pretty dark hence the need for the high ISO and a relatively show shutter speed. The shot was hand held and I think it just about worked. The picture is centred on the rust-coloured dead fern fronds which make a nice contrast to the overall green hues. The dog appreciated the pause in the walk and I was glad I had stopped for the shot!

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