Pyramid Lake and Mountain, Alberta , Canada by Myer Bornstein

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Picture Story

I was on a trip visiting Banff and Jasper National Park in Alberta Canada. We would wake up before sunrise and go visit the different lakes in the area so we could capture them with the sun rising and given us Alpine glow and get nice reflections on the lakes when the water was smooth and before the wind picked up and cause ripples on the water. On this day, we did not observe a great Alpine glow on Pyramid Mountain because of the cloudy sky. Thank goodness on other days we did not have the sky filled with clouds and we were able to capture the Alpine glow.

As I previously said, you need to be there before the wind picks up and causes ripples and although you can have a reflection it is not as beautiful as one with still clear water. This area is great to visit at any time during the year. You must purchase a Canada Park pass which is valid for one year from purchase and allows admission to any Canadian National Park. In order to reach either/or Banff and Jasper National Parks, you need to fly into Alberta or Edmonton. There rent a car and go out and enjoy the fantastic scenery in the Canadian Rockies and observe the wildlife. By the way, if you are into night sky photography, in pyramid Lake there is pyramid Island which is an excellent location for this type of photography. It is a known dark sky location.

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