Prati di Tivo, Abruzzo, Italy by Massimo D’Ambrosio

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Picture Story

On the slopes of the “Corno Piccolo” in the Gran Sasso National Park (Abruzzo, Italy), autumn colors have exploded. After an afternoon of looking for compositions, I found this spot. The humidity was really high, in times of high atmospheric pressure it is easy to find these weather conditions but after all it did not affect the shot that much. The sun had already set so I had the opportunity to photograph this scene with reflected light, without spot of light. I was struck by those 2 light trees that stood out against a darker background and framed by colorful trees and bushes.

I chose a vertical composition to include the slopes of the “Corno Piccolo”, in my opinion it creates contrast in the composition and describes the context in which that group of trees is located, they look like a community. While shooting I had some difficulties with the telephoto lens, not because of the wind, as you might easily think, but because of the damaged tripod head. I could not get sharp photos at those shutter speeds due to small movements of the tripod head, so I had to raise the ISO to shoot with an acceptable shutter speed. The car with my tools was too far away so I tried to do what I could with what I had before it got too dark. The Gran Sasso National Park is an excellent area for landscape photography, the best seasons to photograph it are autumn and winter in my opinion. It is possible to photograph a wide range of subjects: mountains, woods, lakes and if you want also the sea, the coast is about 50 km from the mountains.

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