Praia, Costa da Caparica, Portugal by Nelson Bolinhas

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Picture Story

A normal day like all the others when we go out to work, when I look out the window, I notice that the clouds in the sky promised a good sunset, as it was necessary to pick up my children from the coast, because they live with their mother and their school is close to the sea I decided to take the photographic material in case I was right and the sunset turned out to be good. As the day went by I realized that it was going to be really good and by the end of the day I was already praying to have time to go by the sea because the kids' school ended at 18:00 and the sunset was around from 18:28, I really had to hurry if I didn't run the risk of not arriving in time and I was going to miss one of the best sunsets, because I was really promising a brutal end of day, all the sky and atmosphere that was generated by 18 : 00 it was already wonderful. So I picked up the kids and went straight to the beach because it didn't take much longer to travel to other places, we arrived at Cabana do Pescador beach in Costa da Caparica by car, and then we went on foot to the beach, luckily the tide it was empty enough to catch the reflections of the clouds in the wet sand, now it was praying for a sky with a lot of color.

With some precaution not to be wet with the waves I was capturing the best moments, when I noticed that there was going to be a sunset from those really brutal, the color started to appear and suddenly everything went red until my eldest son commented, father this spectacular red everything had never seen.

We came later, although everyone was satisfied because it had never had a sky like this, it had been really spectacular.
The best time to visit Portugal is during the winter period where we are able to report brutal skies.

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