Portneuf, Quebec, Canada by Helene Chouinard

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Picture Story

Fall is the best time for colors in Quebec, especially in October. In addition, water abounds in streams and waterfalls. It is therefore the right time to take long shots using filters. My own vision of those fall scenes is not just focused on colors. I like to think that we can hear water gushing out of torrents and rivers in a deafening noise so characteristic of our landscapes. Here, it is a simple discharge from a lake, the water flows delicately under the natural stone bridge.

I had brought my tripod but also my rubber boots because to carry out this capture well I had to settle in the river, with my feet in the water, hoping that the vibrations created by the current of the water are minimal. Also, because I wanted to make the whirlpool more visible, I threw a handful of dead leaves into the water. Finally, with this cloudy sky, a beautiful light pierced through the trees which had mostly lost their leaves.

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