Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, California, USA by Fereshte Faustini

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Picture Story

Point Carrillo lighthouse is located in Mendocino California where I was staying in the summer of 2019. The lighthouse is one of my favorite lighthouses in California. To get to the lighthouse visitors have to walk down a paved road for about one mile. The visitors are advised to leave the area before sunset since several times mountain lions had been spotted in the area. The day that I took this photo I was lucky to have been with a friend who worked there and who was kind enough to give me a ride back so I don’t have to walk alone in the dark. I owe this photo to my friend.

Mendocino is known for its evening fog in the summer. The fog starts in the ocean and travels fast to cover the ocean and the coastal areas. The evening this photo was shot the fog started covering the ocean at sunset and captured the sunset colors as it covered the ocean. That evening the colors of the sunset dominated the fog which resulted in the beautiful colors that you see in this image. When I planned to take the picture of the light house I wanted to capture the beams of light as they rotated. For this I had to take several photos at reasonably high speed as the fresnel lens of the lighthouse emitted beams of light in different directions. Since the beams of light could only be captured well in the dark my challenge in taking this photo was the timing the capture of the images. If the fog had reached the land the lighthouse would have been covered with fog and the beams could no longer be captured and if I captured the beams before dark they would have been very faint. So I had a very small window of time to take these photos.

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