Point Arena Lighthouse, California, USA by Greg Mueth

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Picture Story

I was taking a long-awaited trip up the pacific coast. I had planned to shoot seascapes and cliffs and sea stacks, but quickly became smitten with lighthouses...especially the architectural aspects and aesthetic details. But when I approached Point Arenas lighthouse from a distance an entirely new perspective came to me...that lighthouses were indeed a part of the seascape and shouldn't be separated from it.

So I wanted to show the lighthouse nestled among the beautiful hazards mariners would have certainly encountered, like jutting cliffs, submerged rocks and maybe even powerful waves. I used a polarizing filter to reduce the glare of the afternoon sun and a tripod to ensure the lighthouse and the rocks were tack-sharp. And I chose black & white to put more focus on the power of shapes and edges making up the scene.

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