Picture Lake, Washington, USA by David Johanson

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Picture Story

Joined a weekend photo outing with a large photo group staying in a lovely lodge for the duration. The weather had been rain most of the day during our arrival but stopped late in the afternoon. As evening approached the fog started to roll and virtually everyone called it quits. I happen to love working in the fog and set out to see what I could accomplish.

This is one of my favorites of the evening outing. When I got back and shared what I had shot several members of the group wanted to know EXACTLY where I stood to take the shot and off they went. I kinda laughed at the entire situation. Next morning it was even foggier and only two of us ventured out; we both came back with some delightful images. A few months later one of the group entered almost this exact image in a state wide contest and won 3rd place. His telling of the story of how he came to take it was somewhat different from I remembered.

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