Phoenix, Arizona, USA by J Fritz Rumpf

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Picture Story

Rain in the Southwestern part of the USA is an infrequent, and therefore quite cherished occurrence.

On this particular occasion, a heavy rainstorm left a few raindrops hanging on parts of plants. Here, raindrops cling to the branch of a Lady Slipper plant. The surrounding vegetation and parts of the garden are shown in mirroring reflections within the raindrops.

The lighting for this photo could not have been any better! Not only was the sunshine coming from the right angle, but the remaining clouds filtered the light in just the right way.

For this shot I had to work quite fast; water in the desert evaporates rather quickly. Adding to the challenge, this was a big, overgrown plant, and it was a bit tricky to get close enough to get the right composition, within the right distance, without touching any of the branches, since doing so would have caused the drops to fall off of the branch.

Sometimes, it is the smallest of natures details that can bring out awe and wonder; and a great reminder that it is not only the great sweeping vistas that make for memorable storytelling images, but small details within the landscapes that can hold their own in writing their own unforgettable chapters.

It was wonderful to not have to travel far to obtain this image. Just a few steps into the beautiful Phoenix outdoors.

Turning the image upside down in post-process made for a more dramatic effect. The black and white version brings out more of the details and textures, both in the plant as well as the reflection.

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