Paul Gallagher • Yew Tree Tarn

One of the places that Paul Gallagher has visited but rarely photographed is the Lake District. Here he tells us how he has managed to get the best out of a small lake in this stunning locale

Much like many other photographers, I have places I feel at home with. I like to go back to them and be reminded of why I went there before. I have many on my list: from the barren deserts of America to the snow-laden farmers’ field of Japan and, of course, too many locations in the Scottish Highlands to mention here.

Strangely, a place I feel I have not photographed enough, and one which I live very close to, is the Lake District in England. This is a place with which I am very familiar and memories of visits there go back to when I was a child climbing and walking in the mountains with my father, camping trips with my friends whilst at university, and some of my earliest memories of lugging around a large format camera. To me, it seems almost unjust to not have an extensive back catalogue of photographic explorations of ...

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Paul Gallagher has been a professional landscape photographer for over 30 years and is also regarded as a Master Printer dedicating his photography to Northern England, the Scottish Highlands and further afield around the world.

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