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What drives you to leave your home and create photographs? How do you stay fresh and engaged when a landscape is in front of you? Paul Gallagher has some questions and, he hopes, some answers

I have questioned many times what it is that inspires me to be outdoors with a camera. The most straightforward answer to this question is being out in the landscape. I love it and always have, and to make photographs of landscapes is my main inspiration. I really do want to share with others what I have seen though the medium of photographs.

To be honest, if this was my sole form of inspiration, then I think it would have worn thin some time ago because I have never been particularly good at sharing my work, certainly before social media existed, which has been in existence for only a short part of my career. Therefore, there were other forces in place making me get up and explore with a camera, as opposed to simply enjoying my time being in the wilderness. Having thought about this, I have not simply made photographs of the landscape. I have also made photographs of different parts of the landscape, each of which has excited me.

I vividly recall the excitement of being at the coast, and with an unstoppable desire, assigning all of my free time with my camera to simply heading away from land until it had all but ran out. I remember travelling to different beaches and bays to experience the white sands or the textures of the geology. I have an ...

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Paul Gallagher has been a professional landscape photographer for over 30 years and is also regarded as a Master Printer dedicating his photography to Northern England, the Scottish Highlands and further afield around the world.

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