Patricia Lake, Alberta, Canada by Roy Goldsberry

Picture Story

I have only been there once so far, but one of my favorite areas to have ever visited is the National Parks region between Banff and Jasper, Alberta, in Canada. It is almost 300 km between the two towns, but you can barely go a few km along the distance at any point without having to stop and have a look at the great, new view.

My wife and I had a trip of about two weeks set up, starting in Banff and working our way north. In the Jasper area we had booked a cabin on Patricia Lake, just north of town. We had numerous lake and mountain locations in the area that we wanted to visit and photograph, as well as taking some time to browse the shops in town. There were also boat tours and a ski lift to take us to additional views.

What we did not appreciate while we were planning from home is that Patricia Lake was a pretty nice spot in itself. The first evening, I went down to the water's edge after dinner, and a little while after sunset, this was the scene that presented to me, with a nice sky and reflection.

I do hope to go back and spend more time in this area in future years.

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