Patagonia, Argentina by Johnny Zhang

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Picture Story

I would have been in Patagonia right now had it not been for the Coronavirus that is affecting the lives of millions! My wife and I took a trip to Patagonia last year at the peak of autumn. As always there was not enough time to explore the its majestic beauty. Even before we returned I had decided to come back this year, and booked my flight as soon as the tickets sale opened up. I have been so looking forward ever since. No that has become an impossibility, I am finding some comfort in reviewing some of the photos I took last year.

This is a lesser known waterfall in the Patagonia National Park and fairly difficult to find. The trail was not very visible and one can easily get lost. I scouted this location during the day when the light was pretty harsh, returned the next morning hoping for an epic sunrise with colorful clouds. The clouds never came, but the setting moon brought the added element to the otherwise clear skies. This photo is a result of 3 exposures, one for the waterfall at 1/8 second, one for the mountain and 1/15 second, and the last one for the moon at 1/250 second.

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